Franck Balloffet offers eclectic guitar lessons in Lyon, France.

After spending 27 years as a professional musician in Los Angeles, Franck is back in his hometown of Lyon, France.

Franck has taught guitar in music schools and privately for the past 25 years to students of all ages and levels.

He teaches acoustic and electric guitar techniques for Jazz, Blues, African guitar styles, Folk, Bluegrass, Funk, and R & B.

Franck covers a wide range of musical skills and experiences, including ear training, improvisation, harmony, practice discipline, solo and group performance.

He tailors his lessons to the needs of the student. He is able to make custom CD’s for the student to practice and play along with at home.

As Franck is the proud father of an 11 year old daughter, he is exceptionally patient with younger students !!!

Private lesson rates are €30 EU per hour.

If you are interested in guitar lessons with Franck, please use the contact form for more information.